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Setup Command

The setup command has the generic name that you would expect a powerful tool to have. This command is run from the shell while you are logged in as root. Once you type this command you will get a menu of the available options. This is similar to what the list looks like:

lqqqqqqqqu Choose a Tool tqqqqqqqqqk
x                                  x
x   Authentication configuration   x
x   Firewall configuration         x
x   Keyboard configuration         x
x   Mouse configuration            x
x   Network configuration          x
x   System services                x
x   Sound card configuration       x
x   Timezone configuration         x
x   X configuration                x
x                                  x
x      lqqqqqqqqqqk  lqqqqqqk      x
x      x Run Tool x  x Quit x      x
x      mqqqqqqqqqqj  mqqqqqqj      x
x                                  x
x                                  x

These are basically all self expanitory, so you should feel free to experiment and test them out. Most of them are what you see when you install Linux in text mode.


Joseph Colton 2002-09-24