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Reading and Writing Floppies

To read from and write to floppies is pretty easy, but you have to get used to it. There are a whole suite of DOS related tools called mtools. You can see a complete list of the available tools by tools by typing:

bash$ mtools
Supported commands:
mattrib, mbadblocks, mcat, mcd, mcopy, mdel, mdeltree, mdir
mdoctorfat, mdu, mformat, minfo, mlabel, mmd, mmount, mpartition
mrd, mread, mmove, mren, mshowfat, mtoolstest, mtype, mwrite

You can also mount the floppy and use the normal commands, then unmount it. To mount a floppy you can type:

bash# mount /mnt/floppy

This will set the /mnt/floppy/ directory to have the contents of the floppy root directory. Once you are done using the floppy unmount it by typing:

bash# umount /mnt/floppy

Note, the command is umount and not unmount.

Joseph Colton 2002-09-24