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Forward Zone

The forward zones are the ones that are used to translate the hostnames into IP addresses. Here is an example file for the zone:

@		IN	NS
@		IN	NS
$ORIGIN edu.
bob		IN	SOA (
			2002121301 ; serial
			10800 ; refresh
			3600 ; retry
			604800 ; expire
			86400 ; default_ttl
bob		IN	NS
bob		IN	NS
localhost		IN	A
gateway		IN	A
dns		IN	A
dns2		IN	A	IN	A

This will set up so that there are four machines with hostnames. The gateway, which is probably a switch is sitting at The name servers are at and Their names are and The last machine is the web server. This machine is at and has two names. The real name or the CNAME is It also has an alias which points to the machine with the CNAME

Joseph Colton 2002-09-24