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Creating Files and Directories

Creating files is easy. All you have to do to create an empty file is use the touch command. Let's create a few files:

bash$ touch newfile.txt
bash$ touch newfile2.txt
bash$ touch newfile3.txt
bash$ touch newfile4.txt
bash$ touch newfile5.txt

This will create five new files, the first being called newfile.txt. If the file is already there this command will change the modification date to the current date. This can be very useful for programmers who use the make feature. If you are not a programmer you will probably not use this command much. You can also create files using editors such as emacs, vi, pico, etc. There are a lot of editors available. To create a directory you can use the mkdir command:

bash$ mkdir temp

This created a directory called temp that you can now copy files into.

Joseph Colton 2002-09-24